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Subject: DOCBOOK: Newbie: managing fonts


I am new to docbook and I am starting to use it for a large project for my
company. The standard fonts, alignments and other things are ok, but as any
big organisation, we have standards, and I need to put my hands on and adapt
them to the proper font etc.

At the moment I am using the DSSSL version, but after many hours passed
looking around, I still have not figure out how to do it.

Specifically: I have found the setting in the param.dsl, but what if, for
example, I want to customize the appearance of the author, and leave the
rest as it is?

The complete rewrite of the stylesheets is out of question, of course.

Second question: I am using the DSSSL because I have to produce RTF docs.
Can I use the XSL version as well? I have not figured out yet how because
looks like other formats are supported.

Any pointer, clue, suggestion etc is very welcome
Thanks in advance

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