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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: metadata

At 02:44 PM 6/29/01 -0400, Michael Sabrio wrote:
The DocBook Tech Committee would like your input on a couple of
issues related to metadata.

It appears to me that metadata could reasonably be associated with any element of DocBook, and I'd prefer to see an optional metadata element associated with very nearly any element at the paragraph / figure level or above.

I suppose an attribute that points to a separate metadata element rather than an inclusion would be a reasonable solution -- but I lean toward an actual content element, preferably common across all elements (from my perspective, having bookinfo be different than articleinfo is not useful).

I have a minor need for metadata at the programlisting level (currently satisfied by going up a level or two, combined with comments at the specific programlisting), so this is more than a purely theoretical issue for me, although not one that has reached the "I must do something about this" level.

I'm not familiar enough with "standard" metadata to offer an opinion on whether there is one that meets our collective needs.  If there is one, I'd probably generically be in favor of adopting it, rather than rolling our own.

Mark B. Wroth

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