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Subject: DOCBOOK: xsl-fo table problem

I was trying to format the <table>... example from N. Walsh's docbook,
p. 483. For this purpose I took the corresponding sgml table construct
from the source distribution an modified it to be conformant to the xml
4.1.2 DTD. Then I used xerces 3.1.1 and N. Walshs docbook-xsl-1.43
stylesheets to produce a simpletab.fo target. Using either renderx (or
FOP) to produce simpletab.pdf yields something inappropriate, see

So what's wrong here? I didn'd find any error in
http://fb1.HdM-Stuttgart.de/docbookxsl/simpletab.xml but maybe I still
missed something?

Best regards, Martin

Martin Goik  Tel. +49-(0)711-685-8365  http://www.HdM-Stuttgart.de/~goik
If you thought flashing ads on Web sites were annoying, wait till the
Web and your operating system are "seamlessly integrated" and watch the
pulsating promotional crud spill out over your desktop. -Scott Rosenburg

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