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Subject: DOCBOOK: Problem with "text import"

I want to include a textfile into the document, be compatible with DocBook 5 and therefor use inlinemediaobject with imageobject.
When I use DocBook XML 4.1.2 in addition to jade & dsl stylesheets it does function well, but if I try the conventional DocBook 4.1 it does NOT include the textfiles while suppressing any errors too!

Here is a part of the DocBook 4.1 file:
--- snip ---

              <imagedata fileref="src\isa.bdy" format="linespecific">

--- /snip ---

Here are commandline invocations:

nsgmls -sv file.sgm
-> nsgmls:I: SP version "1.3.3"

jade -t rtf -d c:\docbook\docbook-dsssl-1.72\print\docbook.dsl file.sgm
-> [no error output; everything else in the rtf file is ok, but the including is ignored]

What's the cause for the difference in output?

Thank you,

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