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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Line Numbering not working in <programlisting> tag.

> Using Dsssl 1.72, and xml 4.1.2, the programlisting tag igores the 
> linenumbering="numbered" attrib, and produces the same grey box in fixed 
> width font (without line numbers) as if the attribute was not specified.
> Example use:
> <sect1>
>   <title>This is a Title</title>
>   <para>
>    This is a paragraph, listing follows.
>   </para>
>   <programlisting linenumbering="numbered">
> Listing line 1
> line 2
> 3rd line
> etc.
>   </programlisting>
> </sect1>
> Perhaps someone can see what I'm doing wrong.
You need at least to activate the extensions mechanism with
the following in your XSLT stylesheet, 
<xsl:param name="use.extensions" select="1"/>
and, of course, you need also to put the extension jar file for saxon or
xalan in your class path. mg

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