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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Forcing seperate documents


I can't tell you how to force separate entities into different documents, 
but I can tell you that it is possible to turn off ToC in each chapter. If 
you go into the html/param.xsl and do a search on toc, Norm has labeled 
everything (Good job there) and it's a matter of replacing 1 with 0 to turn 
it off. I do that for most of my HTML documents, since my stuff is short 
enough that it's more distracting than useful.

At 04:20 2001-09-17, Ken Walton wrote:
>Hi All
>I am using ver4.1 of DocBookx.dtd with the xsl stylesheets and Xalan.
>In my book I am declaring a number of documents as entities. Can you tell me
>how I can force these into seperate documents rather than have them all
>included in one htm file. Is it also possible to not have a ToC in each
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