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Subject: Re: inlinegraphic going away... (Was Re: DOCBOOK: image with link)

At 09:42 25/09/2001 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

>Uh-huh. I almost said that myself. Of course, you *really* ought to
>   <link linkend="mytarget">
>   <inlinemediaobject>
>     <imageobject>
>       <imagedata fileref="mygraphic.gif" format="GIF"/>
>     </imageobject>
>     <textobject>
>        <phrase>Simple alt text description of mygraphic</phrase>
>     </textobject>
>     <textobject>
>        <para>A longer description of the graphic, something that would
>be useful for readers using a visually constrained system.</para>
>        <para>One such example of a visually constrained system is an
>audio device for in-car reading of online texts.</para>
>     </textobject>
>   </inlinemediaobject>
>   </link>
>That at least makes it clear what all the extra typing is actually for :-)

And I think that's supposed to put up the alt text for the image.
Is it just me, or do the latest XSLT (html) stylesheets not actually do it?
Is any user action, or css required? It used to be the case that
the mouseover used to show the alt text / the textobject.

Regards DaveP

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