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Subject: DOCBOOK: XSLT stylesheet documentation


we are currently running the experiment of authoring a scientific
article with docbook. Target is a pdf document.
While everything worked almost smoothly from the very beginning, we are
now wondering how to customize a few things.
Having to write a customization wrapper stylesheet is clear from your
documentation of docbook.sf.net, but is there any documentation on the 
switches that can be used for customization? Say, to switch the line
separation to 1.5 lines in the output document?



Dr. Christoph Steinbeck (http://www.ice.mpg.de/departments/ChemInf)
MPI of Chemical Ecology, Winzerlaer Str. 10, Beutenberg Campus, 07745
Jena, Germany
Tel: +49(0)3641 571263 - Fax: +49(0)3641 571202

What is man but that lofty spirit - that sense of enterprise. 
... Kirk, "I, Mudd," stardate 4513.3..

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