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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: Environment Variables in File/Directory Names

Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc@linuxweasel.com> writes:

> Yes, exactly.  I just think that they way it's used in the examples in
> TDG is wrong.  :-)

Flagging nonsense with smilies doesn't turn it into sense.

> I'm not expecting DocBook to do any variable lookup.  I just can't find
> an element that makes sense for the value of a variable.  People use
> literal, which I can't wrap my head around.

This is _your_ problem and not trying to solve it means causing trouble
for co-workers (or for your readers).  Whenever you think an element is
missing use <phrase> or create a cstomization.  Misusing an existing
element is the worst you can do (it undermines the idea of sementic

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