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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Replaceable Parameter Values

Hi Norm!

Thanks for your quick reply!

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Norman Walsh wrote:

> [...] 
> Can you provide a little more context?

Sure. Please see my two examples given below.

> Often, I think <parameter> implies
> replaceable.

I had the impression that <parameter> is supposed to be used inside
<userinput> for a value that's supposed to be specified as given
(e.g. for a <command>).

So, as I already mentioned, I'm using that inside <userinput>, like this

<userinput><prompt>hrauch@prag:~$ </prompt>export


  <prompt>hrauch@prag:~/empic$ </prompt>
  <userinput><command>cvs</command> rtag

(Please excuse the ugly formatting. It happened during cutting & pasting.)

Thanks for your help!



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