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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Using olink.dsl

I already used xml.dcl. The problems is that docbook automatically
looks for a file name mydocument.olink when a <olink> element is
declared in mydocument.docbook.

So, even if i use xml.dcl, I always get the same error message...


On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 15:57, Steffen Maier wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Giuseppe Greco wrote:
> > jade: /docs/tech/en/glossary/tech_r03e_glossary.olink:150:10:E: end tag
> > for "A" omitted, but its declaration does not permit this
> >
> > This message occurs because olink.dsl generates elements like
> > <a name="3"/> instead of <a name="3"></a> (I'm using XML docbook 4.1).
> The parsing error seems like a missing XML declaration to me:
> http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/dsssl/dssslgeneral.html#d67e45
> Using xml.dcl as additional input file right before your generated xml
> file (containing the empty xml elements  la <a/>) should do the trick.
> > How can I make olink.dsl generating the right elements?
> I suppose they are "right" if you are using DocBook XML.
> HTH,
> Steffen.
> -- 
>   http://w3studi.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~maiersn/
> mailto:Steffen.Maier@studserv.uni-stuttgart.de

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