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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: A new element for authorgroup ?

Pejvan BEIGUI <pejvan@projectomega.britneyspears.net> writes:

> Hi all,
> I wanted to know if it was stupid or no to ask for a <translator> element in
> authorgroup. Since there is even the <editor> tag and since many many
> documents are usually translated in several languages etc.

I think this is the kind of thing <othercredit> ("A person or entity,
other than an author or editor, credited in a document") is intended
for. You can put a role attribute on <othercredit> to qualify it:
<othercredit role="translator">. But If you think a separate
<translator> element is really needed, you can file an RFE (request
for enhancement to the DTD) at:


> I'm using the 4.1.2 DTD, and have not read the 5.0b, so maybe there is a
> solution in 5 ?
> Anyway, thanks for your advices and help.
> I'm not a member of the mailing-list (and I did not found how to subscribe
> anyway ;-) so I'll ask you to put me in CC.

Info about subscribing the mailing lists is at:


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