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Subject: DOCBOOK: Format for printing

Hello.  I've written two manuals now with DocBook and find it very easy (and
sensible) to work with.  My problems stem from converting the SGML to
something suitable for printing.  Converting to HTML works perfectly.

I use the Jade wrapper docbook2ps to convert my manual to PS for printing.
This works wel and the result can be viewed with ghostview and prints okay.
Well, mostly okay.  It seems that the PS that Jade outputs uses a paper size
of A4.  When printed on my printer using US Letter sized paper, the page
heading is cut off and I get an extra large bottom margin.  The same can be
seen if I set ghostview to Letter instead of autodetect.

I cannot find any command lines options to Jade or the wrapper for setting the
paper size.  After a bit of poking around, I found the place in the
appropriate stylesheet where the default paper size is set.  I know this is
not the proper way to customize the output, but for a quick hack I set the
stylesheet to use Letter all the time.  Unfortunately, my output is still
using A4 paper size.

How can I change this?  Is there a better forum to ask this in?  Thanks!

--John Gruenenfelder    Research Assistant, Steward Observatory, U of Arizona
"This is the most fun I've had without being drenched in the blood
of my enemies!"
        --Sam of Sam & Max

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