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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: automatic generation of revisionflag attribute,forgeneration of change bars

"Matt G." wrote:
> To determine the types of structural differences I'm interested in
> capturing, writing an XML-based diff tool (if one doesn't already exist),
> writing XSLT to consume the diff tool output + the document and produce a
> temporary (i.e. diff'd) document with the revisionflag attributes properly
> set, and use whatever stylesheets are most appropriate for rendering the
> differences.
> Does anyone see any problems with the above proposal (other than the
> challenges of writing a tree-based diff tool that produces output suitable
> for an XSLT stylesheet to properly set the 'revisionflag' attributes)?  Does
> anyone have a simpler suggestion that'd still meet my requirements?  Is
> anyone aware of some subset of this solution that's already been
> implemented, besides the output stylesheets?

This already implemented at it is working. You need Norm's diffmk tool:


  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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