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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: FAQ: XML solution for conditonal sections

Bernd Kreimeier wrote:

> The way I read this I can use multiple attributes to implement orthogonal
> criteria like "target=internal|public" and "profile=reference|annotation|rfc",
> and I can use multiple values each single element's attribute. Is it recommended
> to use attr="val1;val2" or better to define a "val1and2"? E.g. profile="full"
> would be equivalent to "reference;annotation;rfc" and include all.

Profiling stylesheet doesn't have any special support for compounded
clasess. So using first way will bring you less troubles.

> I would also guess that per-element attributes allow for different kinds of
> filtering strategies. For example
> <section target="internal">
> <title>Something Public</title>
> <para target="public">
>   Some public content
> </para>
> </section>
> can be considered
>  a) an error - contained elements should not contradict the parent's settings
>  b) an override - parent element defines a default, which can be overridden
>       (won't work for the "public" rendering as the <section> is lost)
>  c) a mistake in the design? Don't make them common attributes?
> Any recommendations for this? I found
>    CVS docbook/xsl/tools/profile/profile.xsl

This implementation cuts whole sub-trees in XML source. So if some
element doesn't belong to target profile all its children are ignored.
> anything other examples I should look at? I'd expect that creating
> inconsistent attributes in the XML will create a broken profiled
> intermediate (e.g. title missing, empty para etc.), which will be
> detected in the second stage processing, so for user convenience it
> might be worth having consistency checking in the profiling stage?

Approach mentioned above prevents you from creating invalid markup for


  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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