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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: doc domain vs. problem domain semantics (Re[2]:listitem)

At 07:46 03/01/2002 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:

>Well, varlistentrys can have multiple terms, but yes. However, wanna bet
>the number of people confused by assoclist is roughly equal to the number
>of people confused by variablelist? :-)

But far greater than the number who understand the HTML equivalent?
Defn list would hit the mark with more people perhaps?

>| Regardless, I guess "Variablelist" is sort of confusing, not very
>| precise, because it doesn't imply anything about pairing or
>| association. If you think of the name as parallel to "Glosslist" (and
>| don't read the documentation), I guess it might be natural to assume
>| that a Variablelist is a list of variables.
>Yes, I suppose. RTFM, I guess. Renaming variablelist at this point
>would create a significant legacy problem for a very small return,

'spose so :-)

Regards DaveP

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