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docbook message

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Subject: DOCBOOK: on learning theory and distributed knowledge systems


I am sorry, my post to your forum is an honest attempt to communicate in a
directed fashion with specific communities about the formation of a new
discussion.  This is not spam.  You may regard it as spam, but that would be
a claim on your part, right?

My single post was not intented as spam, and it is somewhat to hurt my
feeling that it be regarded as spam.

It was indicated that this was an annoncement that might be of interest to
some members of this group.

I read and try to understand the issues being discussed here, and can make a
detailed argument as to why at least one member of this forum would be
interested in the new work that we are doing.

With respects, and hope that the need to insult is not so great as to close
a discussion before it begins.

Paul Prueitt

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