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Subject: DOCBOOK: Transforming SGML

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I'm developing the dbtexmath stylesheet, which allows TeX to be
inserted into <alt> elements in equations, i.e.:

    <inlineequation> <alt> someequation </alt>
    <graphic fileref="somefilename"/> </inlineequation>

What I'd like to do is miss the graphic out and have it
automatically inserted by the stylesheet with some relevant

I'm very very green at scheme/DSSSL so I'm a bit out of my depth, and I
was hoping that someone here might help me.

Is it possible to do this, or do I need to modify the DTD also, because
of course an <inlinequation> requires a <graphic> element.


p.s. I was thinking of something like this for the equation name:

(list "fileref" (string-append "equation" (format-number (element-number) "1") ".png"))

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