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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Again: Apache FOP,Docbook: Features / Versions,"complete" Docbook distribution

so I put some parts of the last posts together:

ttg@charter.net wrote:

> I can't speak for others, but in the last 9 days I have spent over 70
> hours trying to get SOME sort of DocBook solution running on my
> Windoz machine or on a Solaris machine.  So far I can only get
> XML --> HTML....PDF and other formats still eludes me.  Several of
> you have helped, and I really appreciate that.  The point is, some of
> us, no matter how stubborn, still can't get this "dog to hunt!"  
> I teach CIS, have 13 years in industry b4 academe, and still
> have serious problems...

the same experience to me: I am Java and XML trainer, so I am basically 
no rookie in that stuff I would guess, but I am a newbie to docbook, 
this is true.

Dave Pawson wrote:
 >Some good points Alex.

thank you

 >I have my tools. As a newbie what outputs do you want, i.e. which
 >elements of the toolchain would you choose?


Carlos Araya wrote:
 >I would pick HTML for web delivery and PDF for print. We can generate a
 >lot of the other formats starting from there. I also believe that the
 >startup is 90% of the work... Picking up the correct version of every
 >single thing (docbook, stylesheets and toolchain processing tools) is
 >where we loose a lot of people


 >Fop... Although it's not as feature complete as Passivetex, it's been
 >my experience that it's easier to install (and this is my experience
 >only, *puts asbestos underwear on* your milleage may vary)

my opinion is the same as Carlos. as I mentioned before: it should be 
something rather easy to install, and latex is not so easy to install 
like fop.

that fop has still some drawbacks is o.k.

I think there should be a solution that provides:

(1) writing docbook documents
(2a) publishing them to html in one document
(2b) publiching them to chunked html documents
(3) publishing them to fop

and I think an xsl solution would be best, as DSSSL as far less known, 
and LaTeX too complex (big) to install. moreover the java tools 
including ant(!!) could easily be packed into one archive.


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