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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Again: Apache FOP,

Alexander Schatten wrote:
>and I think an xsl solution would be best, as DSSSL as far less known, and 
>LaTeX too complex (big) to install. moreover the java tools including 
>ant(!!) could easily be packed into one archive.
A "from scratch" install of LaTeX looks pretty straightforward on Windows 
or Unix, judging from what I found on CTAN last night. Of course, that's to 
use LaTeX as  LaTeX, not JadeTeX (and I note that I am not a beginner at 
this---I was updating an installation, not starting from scratch [which is 
actually harder :-]). The newer distributions are much easier than they 
used to be.

It does seem the long way around for SGML/XML -> PDF, though.

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