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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Adding metainfo to more places

Norman Walsh writes:

> The DocBook TC has had several discussions about additional places in
> DocBook where it would be beneficial to allow metainfo. Our current
> candidate list of places is:
>   equation, example, figure, informalequation, informalexample,
>   informalfigure, informaltable, itemizedlist, legalnoticeinfo, msgset,
>   orderedlist, procedure, qandadiv, qandaentry, qandaset, table,
>   variablelist

I tend to think that every block-level element could have meta info.  For
instance, even footnotes and paras could have separate authors or legal
status.  It's unlikely to be used often, but not more unlikely than, say,
a procedure with its own metainfo.  And if you allow meta info in every
block element it would also make the whole thing more consistent and
easier to learn and use.

> Our plan of record is to add a single new *info element (and not
> EquationInfo, ExampleInfo, etc.). Suggestions for the name of this
> single info element are also solicited.

I say, bring back docinfo.

Peter Eisentraut   peter_e@gmx.net

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