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Subject: DOCBOOK: RFE 480957: Proposal: Improve name and address markup

RFE 480957: Proposal: Improve name and address markup

Phase I, backwards compatible changes for DocBook V4.x

Associating an email address with, for example, an author in DocBook
requires the following tedious markup:


This markup has at least two flaws:

* It incorrectly associates email addresses with affiliations. Email
  addresses are now almost as common as phone numbers and people may
  have several that are independent of any affiliation.

* The additional wrapper of address around email is cumbersome,
  especially when you consider that address is a linespecific

I propose:

1. Create a new element, personname:

<!ENTITY % personname.module "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % local.personname.attrib "">
<!ENTITY % personname.role.attrib "%role.attrib;">

<!ENTITY % personname.element "INCLUDE">
<!ELEMENT personname %ho; ((honorific|firstname|surname|lineage|othername)+)>
<!--end of personname.element-->]]>

<!ENTITY % personname.attlist "INCLUDE">
<!ATTLIST personname
<!--end of personname.attlist-->]]>
<!--end of personname.module-->]]>

2. Allow personname everywhere that (honorific|firstname|...) is currently
allowed. That would be: address, author, biblioentry, bibliomixed, bibliomset,
biblioset, editor, othercredit, and *info.

3. Create personblurb (identical to authorblurb)

4. Allow personblurb in author, editor, and othercredit

5. Allow email and address in author, editor, and othercredit

6. Add personname to gen.char.class (effectively allowing personname everywhere
   emphasis is currently allowed).

Phase II, backwards incompatible changes for DocBook V6.x

1. Remove (honorific|firstname|...) from everywhere except personname.

2. Remove authorblurb. (Note that authorblurb is allowed in *tons* of places
   where personblurb is not (because authorblurb is part of descobj.mix and
   I don't propose to put personblurb there).)

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Everything is temporary.
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | 
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee |

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