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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: xsl support for fo

>>>>> Stefan Seefeld <stefan.seefeld@orthosoft.ca>:

> I'm sorry if this fits more into the apps list, I'm not sure. When I
> tried apache's 'fop' tool to generate pdf from docbook (transformed
> with the fo stylesheets), I got almost unusable results.

> What is the actual status of the fo stylesheets ? Is it written with
> specific fo processors (and their limitations) in mind ? What fo
> tools do exist, are used by people, especially Open Source ones ?

The combination of DocBook-XSL and Fop works fine for me.

What versions of either are you running?  On what platform?

I'm using DocBook-XSL 1.48, and Fop 20.3rc, on jdk-1.3.1, on GNU/linux
(both debian woody and RedHat 7.2).

I've used, let me see... saxon, xalan, and xsltproc to create the FO,
and all have worked fine for me (not sure what versions I have used
all the time).

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