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Subject: DOCBOOK: Documentation full of reference,missing seperator in txt output

Hi all,

I'm writing some documentation for my application. My application
contains a lot of options, so I decided to create a 'reference' chapter
where I have a lot of entries like this:

    <!-- *** LOGTYPE *** -->
    <refentry id="logtype">

    <refmeta> <refentrytitle>logtype</refentrytitle> </refmeta>

    <refpurpose>type of log (not the format of the log)</refpurpose>

        <set logtype="Logfile">

    The type of logs kept for your channel. Currently only "Logfile" is
    supported, so you don't need to change this option.
    <para> Logfile </para>

This works just fine. The HTML output looks great with each option on
their own page. But when I create the txt output, it's lacking overview
for the different options.

This is caused by the fact that there is no real "seperator" between the
different options, so it's hard to read and be able to tell when a new
option is mentioned.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can resolve this issue?

  - Morten.

Morten Brix Pedersen                                     morten@wtf.dk

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