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Subject: DOCBOOK: XML suites to manage DocBook projects?


I was wondering what XML editors/suites are best suited to edit and "manage"
a set of XML/XSL/... files that make up a "DocBook project".

Currently I'm evaluating XMetaL 2.1 and XML Spy 4.3 Suite.

I'm looking for a editor/suite that 'guides' the content author in the right
direction based on the DTD as much as possible.

E.g. XML Spy gives the following XML file when I create a new document (XML
Spy adds <set>, <book>) and add a chapter (XML Spy adds <chapter>, <title>,
<calloutlist>, <callout>).

				<callout arearefs=""/>

In XMetaL you will have to create the XML file from scratch.

Also I would like to be able to manage a set of files and their

E.g. (based on the structure of DocBook: The Definitive Guide)


So if I open bookbody.xml it would be easy to open ch01.xml or appa.xml.
Or...if I validate book.xml I would validate the whole "xml tree"; if I
validate bookbody.xml I would validate ch01.xml - ch99.xml and appa.xml -

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Met vriendelijke groet / With kind regards,

ICL Nederland B.V.                      Simon de Kraa
e-Applications / Logistic Systems       Systems Architect
Het Kwadrant 1                          Tel. +31 346 598865
Postbus 4000                            Fax  +31 346 562703
The Netherlands                         mailto:Simon.de.Kraa@icl.nl


Progress 9.1c, Roundtable 9.1c, NuSphere Pro Advantage 2.3.1 @ MS Windows
2000 5.00.2195 SP 2
Progress 9.1c @ SCO UnixWare 7.1.1

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