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Subject: DOCBOOK: Newbie - xref end tag problem

Sorry to be bothering you again,
but I just noticed that if I use a xref tag like this:

<XRef LinkEnd="PREVUE-guide" EndTerm="PREVUE-guide-short"/>

as suggested by TDG here: http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/xref.html
   see the example:  <xref linkend="ch04" endterm="ch04short"/>

Then in the HTML rendering I see "PREVUE>" apropriately hyperlinked, 
but with a trailing  > symbol.

On the other hand ommiting the end tag "/"
<XRef LinkEnd="PREVUE-guide" EndTerm="PREVUE-guide-short">
I get the desired result:  "PREVUE" 

Using version 1.74b stylesheets with 
jade:I: Jade version "1.2.1"
jade:I: SP version "1.3.4"

To omit or not to omit, that is the question.


P.S. (this is irrelevent but for completeness)
<sect1  id="PREVUE-guide">
<Title id="PREVUE-guide-long"><Literal remap="tt">PREVUE:</Literal> Modify text
in plots
<titleabbrev id="prevue-guide-short"><Literal remap="tt">PREVUE</Literal>

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