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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Quick newbie question

[Follow ups should go to docbook-apps]


> Right now I am making articles, and each 1st level section in the 
> article is put onto a different html page.  
> How do I make it so that I can break out the 2nd (or more) level 
> sections out into different pages too?  

Funny! I just had to use this feature earlier this week...small world :)

The short answer:

The "I want an answer now!" anser: There's this item in the modular
stylesheets called chunk-element-list that sets the level at which HTML
documents are split up (or "chunked"). Copy that section from the
modular stylesheet and put it in ldp.dsl then add or remove the items
to/from that list and, voila!, the chunking works as you expect it.



Megan Golding (mgolding@secureworks.net)
SecureWorks, Inc.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.
	-- Timothy Leary

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