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Subject: DOCBOOK: Chunking with XSL using Xalan?

I was just looking for more clarification on how to do chunking w/Xalan.  I
can do:

java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in test.xml -xsl
docbook/html/docbook.xsl -out test.html

And I get the (single) html output.  Likewise, I have had success with the
FO output.  But the chunking has never worked for me -- I have tried the
html/chunk.xsl stylesheet, as well as the expchunk.xsl,
chunk-experimental.xsl, chunker.xsl, the htmlhelp stuff... and so forth.

I am using the xsl-1.48 docbook stuff.  On the Java side, I have tried jdk
1.3.1 with xalan 2.3.0, 2.2, 2.1.0, and 2.0.1.  I have also tried it with
whatever version of Xalan and Xerces that came bundled with Fop 2.3.0rc, as
well as against the version of Xalan bundled with jdk 1.4.  I get various
different errors with each of these, but a common error I get when running
the xalan processor is

(Location of error unknown)XSLT Error

I get _some_ sort of progress if I run against expchunk.xsl (it looks like
it's trying to do something), but I get an error indicating it can't find
.chunks in the current directory (if I understand correctly, this is sort of
a "temp" file created by the chunking process?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- an example environment setup, or
command-line examples.  I am probably just missing some obvious
configuration item, but it is quite frustrating.  Thanks!

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