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Subject: DOCBOOK: XML suites to manage DocBook projects?

Hello, I want to propose to use DocBook (with XSL processing) for all (or
most :+}) technical software projects here at CERN. We have used SGML
before (a long time ago, in the IBM/DCF mainframe days), but more generally
speaking we are a (La)TeX shop (with some people, mostly in administration, 
using Microsoft Word, and a few others, for large complex stuff, Adobe

To get the ball rolling, are there any nice introductory manuals on the
use of DocBook (I do not want to throw the reference guide at our users,
yet...), that introduce the basic most-used elements and attributes, and
an explanation of the procedure of how to generate PDF and HTML (via XSL). 

I have all the DocBook XSL stylesheets (thanks Norm!) installed, as well
as a couple of XSLT processors. I am also able to run the whole thing
myself, but I really  need an introduction to get Joe Physicist and Jane
(Software) Engineer going. Is there anything out there that I could use
as a basic for a "DocBook at CERN" manual? 

Many thanks. mg

PS. I know that DSSSL can do/does a better job in many areas, especially
    for PDF production, but I really do not have the resources to have
    two parallel systems. Hence I only look for XSL (XSLT/XSL-FO) based
    solutions, since these techniques are already in use at CERN in 
    several other applications, such as EDMS, databases, XML content
    generation (e.g., HTML, SVG), etc.

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