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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Making db2html put chapters and sections in the same page

Stephen Wilhelm wrote:

> How do I make db2html make a chapter all one HTML page?
> I figured out how to do this a long time ago, but I recently loaded Red
> Hat 7.2 on my computer and forgot to write down what it was that I did. 
> I remember going in and changing some of the DSSSL stylesheet code, and
> I found where that code is, but I can't find where in the code it is
> that I need to make the change.  I've been able to make a few of the
> other changes that I remember making before, but this one has eluded me
> so far.
> Could somebody please help refresh my memory?  :)

db2html --help

  --nochunks              don't produce HTML subdocuments; output to stdout


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