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Subject: DOCBOOK: MathML


I am trying to get the MathML Module of DocBook working, but I had no
success so far.

I have the docbook-xsl-1.49 package. I am using Xalan. I managed to
process "ordinary" DocBook XML files. However, whenever I try to
transform a file containing MathML tags (e.g. <mml:mrow>, etc.) I get a
message saying that: "The namespace prefix "mml" was not declared."

This happens even with the example file provided along with the DTD
(which I got from:
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/mathml/1.0/index.shtml )

Can anybody help me out?


PS.: My Internet connection was up, while processing the file, so the
problem was not that xalan could not access the (remote) DTDs.

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