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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: MathML

Hello Radoslaw,

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 12:26:26PM +0100, Radoslaw Szymanek wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Steffen Maier wrote:
> ><!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook MathML Module V1.0//EN"
> >  "http://www.docbook.org/xml/mathml/1.0/dbmathml.dtd">
> I'm relatively new to docbook and XML. I manage to generate pdf file for
> my article.xml file. I use openjade 1.3, OpenSP 1.3.4, docbook-dsssl-1.76.
> I want to include math equation in my article. I changed doctype as you
> suggested above. I had to change the file (1.0/dbmathml.dtd) itself by
> exchanging URL references to local references (I've got URL not supported
> error).

That's right. Other possibilities would be to get a version of
OpenJade/OpenSP compiled with URL support or even better use catalogs to
successfully resolve FPIs or even rewrite SIs to valid URIs on your

> I did not manage to get equation below rendered in my text :
> 	<informalequation>
> 	<mml:math>
> 	  <mml:apply>
> 	    <mml:plus/>
> 	    <mml:cn>12345</mml:cn>
> 	    <mml:ci> x </mml:ci>
> 	    <mml:ci> y </mml:ci>
> 	  </mml:apply>
> 	</mml:math>
> 	</informalequation>
> I just got 12345 x  y.

Hmm, I wonder if the toolchain you are using is capable of rendering
MathML on print output. AFAIK, there is no MathML support in docbook-dsssl
and (Open)Jade's TeX-backend for print. At least I couldn't find any
reference to mathml within the stylesheets (both print and html output). I
also doubt that JadeTeX would support MathML as PassiveTeX seems to be the
way of choice to get DocBook and MathML rendered to print format (you
first transform docbook to XSL-FO using docbook-xsl and then use
PassiveTeX for rendering XSL-FO to whatever (pdf)TeX supports as output


Interesting that you got the character data in your output nevertheless.

One additional thing: IIRC, PassiveTeX does of course only support
presentational mathml, just as TeX formulae are written in a
presentational markup language, i.e. content markup cannot be rendered as
it would require a whole lot of additional (intelligent) processing to
kinda transform content to presentational style. I hope that's right, if
not, Sebastian Rahtz knows the truth.

So your formula should be marked up like the following:


The above was tested, i.e. rendered, successfully in Mozilla.

> I've got also many warnings (?) like this one:
> openjade:/imec/users/username/mathml/2.0/dtd/isomfrk.ent:28:30:E: "1D51E"
> is not a character number in the document character set

I get the same errors when validating my example with 
nsgmls.exe:I: SP version "1.3.3"
as well as with
onsgmls.exe:I: OpenSP version "1.3.4"

IIRC, there was a posting on one of the docbook mailing lists, telling
that this has something to do with limited unicode support or possibly a
too restrictive sgml declaration? Unfortunately I was unable to find the
posting in the archives. I haven't had the chance yet to test it, but
maybe the recently released OpenJade 1.3.1 fixes this problem?

> P.S. I also got one error below. I have lived with this one for a while,
> but any suggestions, why do I get it, will be appreciated.
> openjade:../docbook-dsssl-1.76/print/../lib/dblib.dsl:948:17:E: argument
> out of range

Sorry, can't say anything about this one.



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