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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: RFE #480954: Extend textobject to insert external files

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On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 04:12:55PM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Here is a revised proposal for this RFE.
> Proposal: extend textobject to allow references to external text files
> The following trick is a common way to insert external sources
> directly into a DocBook document:
> <inlinemediaobject>
> <imageobject>
> <imagedata format=3D"linespecific" fileref=3D"filename"/>
> </imageobject>
> </inlinemediaobject>
> Several people have suggested that it would make more sense to
> allow a <textobject> to do this:
> <inlinemediaobject>
> <textobject>
> <textdata fileref=3D"filename"/>
> </textobject>
> </inlinemediaobject>

At the risk of opening up a couple of cans of worms. . .

 1.  I think <textdata> needs to support either 'class=3D"monospaced"'
     or 'format=3D"linespecific"'.

     This isn't necessary when you use <inlinemediaobject> inside a
     <programlisting> element (for example) but it is necessary inside

     For example, I currently have a document where "fig1.eps" is a
     picture of a box with an 'A' inside it.  The markup I'm currently
     using for this is:

        <imagedata fileref=3D"fig1" format=3D"EPS">
        <literallayout class=3D"monospaced">+---------------+
|       A       |

        <phrase>A picture</phrase>

     I can't think of any reason why I won't always want the
     'class=3D"monospaced"' effect, but others might want a way to turn it

 2.  Do we want to use this as an 'escape hatch' to insert different
     files depending on the output format that's being generated?

     For example:

     <!-- Include hello.c -->

        <!-- hello.c.tex is a specially marked up version that uses=20
	     TeX codes to improve the rendering -->
        <textdata format=3D"TEX" fileref=3D"hello.c.tex">

	<!-- hello.c is used for all other output formats -->
	<textdata fileref=3D"hello.c">

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