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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: title vs. citetitle and ulink in biblioentry

Jason Diamond <jason@injektilo.org> writes:

> > So using Citetitle with the Pubwork attribute -- in Biblio* stuff or
> > anywhere else you're actually citing/referencing things, instead of
> > giving a names to them -- really seems like the best way to go.
> I believe that you're right. I just took a peek at the stylesheets and they
> actually check for the pubwork attribute to determine how to render the
> citetitle.

Also worth noting: If you looked in biblio.xsl, you maybe noticed that
for each title or citetitle child of a biblioset or bibliomset, the
stylesheets also check for a relation='article' attribute/value on the
parent biblioset or bibliomset. I'm not sure what advantage there
might be to relation='article' if you're already using citetitle, but
anyway the stylesheet support is there for anybody that needs it.

I guess another thing that should be documented somewhere is that the
only actual checking the stock stylesheets do for the pubwork
attribute (or relation attribute) is to determine whether the value on
it is "article" or something else. They render pubwork='article' stuff
by surrounding it with whatever smart quotes for the locale are. Stuff
with any pubwork value other than "article" gets rendered in italic.


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