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Subject: DOCBOOK: XML Character Entities Version 0.2

There are a handful of descriptions in the DocBook entity files that
appear to be incorrect, and are therefore a bit confusing.

For the cdot entity (iso-lat2.ent)
  <!ENTITY cdot  "&#x010B;"> <!-- DOT OPERATOR -->
the correct description would be
  <!ENTITY cdot  "&#x010B;"> <!-- LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH DOT ABOVE -->

In iso-num.ent, the description for
  <!ENTITY ast "&#x002A;"> <!-- ASTERISK OPERATOR -->
should probably be simply "ASTERISK", for consistency with other
characters that accompany it in the entity set, such as "NUMBER SIGN",
different Unicode character, not the regular asterisk referred to by

Also in iso-num.ent, the descriptions for the following
  <!ENTITY larr   "&#x2190;"> <!-- LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->
  <!ENTITY rarr   "&#x2192;"> <!-- RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->
should say simply "ARROW", not "DOUBLE ARROW".

Since these suggestions only pertain to the descriptions, not the
character mapping themselves, they are, of course, very minor.
Nevertheless I wanted to bring these matters to your attention, in the
event that you consider them worth fixing.

Thank you for maintaining the closest thing we have to a definitive,
authoritative, standard set of ISO 8879 entity files for use with XML.

Greg Murray

Greg Murray
XML/Text Programmer
Digital Library Production Services
University of Virginia Library
murray@virginia.edu  (434) 924-6732

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