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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: xsl stylesheets 1.50 chunker error

Curiously, reverting to cocoon 1.8.2 (but with xerces 1.4.4), I can
produce HTML but trying to use xhtml/chunk.xsl or html/chunk.xsl

Don't know how to chunk with Apache Software Foundation
XSLT: Don't know how to chunk with Apache Software Foundation

and fo/docbook.xsl produces

XSL Error: pattern = '$page.orientation = 'portrait''
VariableReference given for variable out of context or without
definition!  Name = page.orientation, source tree node: #document

also, to get any of these to parse, I had to modify the docbook.dtd
to add PDF as a valid image type; this is required to use passivetex
as that package does not allow for EPS or PS vector graphics.

The cocoon jar set is
backup/         fop_0_15_0.jar   stylebook-1.0-b2.jar  xerces-1.4.4.jar
bsfengines.jar  fop.jar@         turbine-pool.jar      xercesSamples.jar
bsf.jar         sax-bugfix.jar   w3c.jar               xml.jar
fesi.jar        servlet_2_2.jar  xalan_1_2_D02.jar     xt.jar

The cocoon-2.0.2 jar set that will not work is
avalon-excalibur-4.1.jar                  jimi-1.0.jar
avalon-excalibur-scratchpad-20020212.jar  jisp_1_0_2.jar
avalon-framework-4.1.2.jar                jstyle.jar
batik-all-1.5b1.jar                       jtidy-04aug2000r7-dev.jar
bsf-2.2.jar                               logkit-1.0.1.jar
castor-                    lucene-1.2-rc2.jar
cocoon-2.0.2.jar                          maybeupload_1-0-5pre3.jar
cocoon-scratchpad.jar                     pizza-1.1.jar
commons-collections-1.0.jar               rdffilter.jar
commons-httpclient-20011012.jar           resolver-20020130.jar
commons-JXPath-20020320.jar               rhino-1.5r3.jar
commons-logging-1.0.jar                   velocity-1.2.jar
deli-0.50.jar                             xalan-2.3.1.jar
fop-0.20.3rc.jar                          xercesImpl-2.0.0.jar
hsqldb-1.61.jar                           xml-apis.jar
jakarta-poi-1.5-dev-20020315.jar          xmldb-api-20011111.jar
jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar                    xt-19991105.jar

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@teledyn.com> TeleDynamics Communications Inc
Business Innovations Through Open Source Systems: http://www.teledyn.com
"Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."(Pablo Picasso)

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