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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: customizing docbook xsl

Bob Stayton wrote:

> Hope this helps.  I'd be curious to see it working,
> and maybe you could contribute a FAQ based on your
> experience.

well, here is a first draft of it online:


The stylesheet does basically two things:

* it puts everything into frames
* it adds links to an external tool (a wiki, for now)
   in front of each chapter/appendix/section title

The idea of that added link is to let others review such
a document, and add comments to specific sections, based on
which the whole document can evolve.
If this is integrated with tools such as issue trackers, it
could be used to collaborate on software design and other
non-coding activity (not to speak of domains outside the realm
of software...).

I only use the wiki temporarily until I have found something
more suitable. But the basic idea remains unaffected, in particular
the xsl transformation aspect.

At some point I'll put the xsl code online. For now please
tell me if you really want to see it :-)
It's not long, about 250 lines.
I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do...

Best regards,

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