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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: One Problem Resolved..

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Dave Pawson wrote:

> I will be, when I get a website back.
> I can't blame the docbook users, but somehow I've exceeded the
> .5gb per month I paid for, and my hosts have cut me off at the backbone.

I dont have an idea of what is involved, but could you give me an idea
wrt to size of the FAQ? And what is the kind of traffic you expect for
the FAQ? If it is not *TOO* high, I could put it up on my site, for the
time being that is. 

You can give the hyper link from where ever you are hosting the pages. 


If I had a dollar for everytime my linux box crashed, I would have, 
hold a minute...,  exactly $3.68.

pub  1024D/7AB2D05A 2002-02-24 Sumit Dhar (Sumit Dhar, SLMSoft.com)
Key fingerprint = 4A18 D20D 3D15 6C5B CD2F  8E45 B903 0C29 7AB2 D05A

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