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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: howto add icons to para

On 2002-04-10 16:05 (Wednesday), Grobe, Gary wrote:
> Anyone have an ex. CSS body that would accept <note role="beginner"> or
> <note role="intermediate"> and show a small icon image in each note?

With CSS2, AFAIK, that's only possible with the <li> element :


Example :

li {
	list-style-image: myImage.png

Thus using this approach you would have to rely on DocBook elements that
are transformed by the stylesheets into <li> HTML elements.

That's not a good option. The right thing to do is to do customize
Norman's stylesheets to add images for roles "intermediate" and

Many think that XSL stylesheets are more easily customizable and I share
that opinion too. So if you have the choice between DSSSL and XSL,
better try customizing the XSL stylesheets.

And when it comes to stylesheet and application-related DocBook
questions, you should ask <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>.


Marc-Aurčle DARCHE  <http://www.cynode.org>
AFUL <http://www.aful.org>
Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Linux/Logiciels Libres
French speaking Linux and Libre Software Users' Association

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