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Subject: DOCBOOK: Formatting problems

Let's see if someone can help me on one topic related to DocBook
I suppose I should be posting this mail to docbook-apps, but I am not
sure, and I am only subscribed to docbook list.
The thing is, I am preparing two papers for an upcomming meeting,
Coling2002 in Taipei.
They ask for some formatting matters. I can mimic all of them apart from
two aspects:
-point 1: They ask the double column to start after abstract. Apart from
this, I would like to have the three authors in a 3column shame. Much in
the way of:
	Author1	Author2	Author3
		Body of paper
-point 2: they ask for body of text in 11pt and titles in 14pt, but
docbook only allows to specify body size, and calculates multiples of

I have tried some customisation, and I have only managed to put all text
in same font with multiplier 1.
I have also hacked the jade tex output but only managed to have first
page in 1 column and next pages in 2 columns, but not in the same page.

I just think someone had to have this problems before, and could send me
a customisation or some hints as to what can I do.

It must not be complicated, as it affects only to the things before body
text, but I didn't solve it yet myself.

Any help?

By the way, I am using DSSSL stylesheets in Debian and jade and DTD4.1


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