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Subject: DOCBOOK: DocBook Editor?

Hello Everyone,

I have just downloaded and started using a free XML docbook editor:

Has anyone on this list tried it out? I would like to hear from the
members how it compares with other commercial offerings?

So far, the little I have used of it, it seems pretty OK. Anyone on this
list have any opinion/advice regarding this editor?

With Warm Regards,
<a href=http://dhar.homelinux.com/dhar/>Sumit Dhar</a>
Research and Product Development,

If I had a dollar for everytime my linux box crashed, I would have, 
hold a minute...,  exactly $3.68.

pub  1024D/7AB2D05A 2002-02-24 Sumit Dhar (Sumit Dhar, SLMSoft.com) 
Key fingerprint = 4A18 D20D 3D15 6C5B CD2F  8E45 B903 0C29 7AB2 D05A

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