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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: custom xsl stylesheet and import path

El lun, 29-04-2002 a las 16:17, Johannes Zellner escribió:
> Hi,


> I'm using a custom xsl sheet which imports chunk.xsl:
>   <xsl:import href = '/home/joze/docbook/xsl/docbook-xsl-1.49/html/chunk.xsl'/>
> Can I have something like
>   <xsl:import href = '$PATH_TO_DOKBOOK/chunk.xsl'/>

Actually, this will look for an XSL variable named $PATH_TO_DOKBOOK and
not the environment variable of that name.

And, AFAIK, <xsl:import> should come first in the XSL definition... so I
don't see a way to define the parameter BEFORE trying to use it...

Fabian Mandelbaum
Computer Systems Consultant - MandrakeSoft DOC Team

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