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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: possible issue with fo XSLT

At 22:19 04/05/2002 +0100, Vincent Sanders wrote:

>I have applied norms XSLT FO transform (version 1.50.0) to produce an
>output xml file in FO format (using several processors including xsltproc
>and saxon). I then attempted to use FOP to create pdf output from this FO
>file, this resulted in FOP (version 0.20.3) giving an error:
>[ERROR]: The id "toc...book1_chapter_2" already exists in this document
>I examine the FO file and sure enough the id is indeed duplicated...

This is the same issue (different perspective) that I am up against.
The stylesheets use generate-id() functions on all books to produce
the tocs, and are probably being re-run (though if processed as a set
then surely they are within the same document and hence are breaking
the XSLT rules about the id values being unique?).

The chapters or whatever that are being collated as toc content, have you
tried using id values on them. I know that on chapters the id value sticks,
probably on some of the major subdivisions under chapter as well.

Perhaps try one or two (first chapter each book) and see if the count
of repeats goes down by one?

Regards DaveP

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