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Subject: DOCBOOK: any examples of article titlepage customization

Hello all,

I am trying to change the article titlepage.

Basically I want to have a company logo before anything else.

Before trying to put a picture into the titlepage I am trying to get success
with just modifying what is already there. So using the 't:' thing I have
made this xml file:

<t:templates xmlns:t="http://nwalsh.com/docbook/xsl/template/1.0";

<t:titlepage element="article" wrapper="fo:block">
 <t:titlepage-content side="recto">
  <title named-template="component.title"
param:node="ancestor-or-self::article[1]" fo:text-align="center"
fo:keep-with-next="always" fo:font-size="24.8832pt" fo:font-weight="bold"
fo:font-family="{$title.font.family}" /> 
  <subtitle fo:font-family="{$title.font.family}" fo:text-align="center" /> 
  <revision fo:text-align="center" /> 
  <revhistory /> 

 <t:titlepage-content side="verso" /> 
  <t:titlepage-separator />
  <copyright fo:text-align="center" /> 
  <legalnotice /> 
 <t:titlepage-before side="recto" /> 
 <t:titlepage-before side="verso" /> 

(I basically copied it from titlepage.templates.xml, cut a few items out and
moved one or two)

I have tried transforming that with the fo titlepage.xsl and using xalan. I
get this error:

file:/c:/xml/docbook-xsl-1.50.1-EXP/fo/titlepage.xsl; Line 20; Column -1;
XSLT Error (javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException):
org.apache.xml.utils.WrappedRuntimeException: Could not find variable with
the name of title.font.family

Anyone had such trouble?
Anyone have a concrete working example of such article titlepage
I am pursuing the right path for my final goal of putting an image at the
start of the article titlepage?



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