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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: newbie Q's about Simplified DocBook 1.0b2

At 01:31 17/05/2002 -0600, Mike Brown wrote:
>I'm attempting to use Simplified DocBook 1.0b2. I have a couple of questions
>about it. I've only dabbled in DocBook before, so please forgive my ignorance
>or point me to a FAQ or more appropriate forum if this isn't the place to ask.

Hi Mike. www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook
Or have you been there?

>1. http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/para.html shows an example wherein a
><para> contains an <itemizedlist>. Simplified DocBook doesn't seem to allow
>this. I just want to make sure this was a deliberate change. Is the correct
>approach in Simplified DocBook to keep lists as blocks separate from
>2. In my document, I want to provide some examples of command-line input and
>program output. I was just going to use <screen>, but that's not available in
>Simplified DocBook. Instead of <screen>, I am using
><literallayout class="monospaced" format="linespecific">
>and mixing <computeroutput> and <userinput> within it, as necessary.
>For example,

<command> is available in full docbook, unsure about simple?

>Does this sound like the right way to go about marking up the kind of text 
>dealing with?

Or you could try full docbook, then keep the definitive guide handy
at the index page for when you get stuck? the element names are very
well related to what you (OK I) expect. Learn as you go along?


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