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Subject: DOCBOOK: keeping original html markup in final documents


I'm generating docbook xml documents on the fly and an application sends 
html markup (an html input form, in fact) to my own application. 

I'd want to include this html markup
directly into the generated docbook document before processing
it with docbook2html (Debian Woody), the result would be an
html document containing some text as well as the input form, because
I want the user to be able to both read the text and type values in
the html form in his browser.

I've tried something like :

--- CUT ---
<![ CDATA [
  <form action="/cgi-bin/myscript.cgi" method="POST">
    Enter max : <input type="text" name="max" />
--- CUT ---

the <form> ... </form> is the part I want untouched in the final document.

but the result is that the <, > and & are converted to their equivalent
entities in the final document, so my form is unuseable in a web browser.

is there a solution ?

is there a way to keep this HTML code only when generating HTML 
final documents and ignore it completely  when generating 
PostScript (or another format) ?

thanks in advance.

PS : Please forgive my ignorance if the solution is simple

Jerome Alet

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