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Subject: DOCBOOK: mediaobject with ulink, clickable image


i ve read the docbook docs for mediaobject 

and found the example with eiffeltower.

how can i achieve to make the image clickable within html.
I can`t surround the mediaobject with an ulink. it`s because link is 
an inline and mediaobejct is a block element, right?

i can make it like this
  <link linkend=".."><inlinemediaobjct ../></link>

But with <inlinemdiaobject> i cant use a caption like the example of 
the eiffeltower does. 

thanks in advance for any hints.

kind regards,

Planwerk 6 /websolutions
Herzogstraße 86
40215 Düsseldorf

fon 0211-6015919
fax 0211-6015917

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