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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Attributes for text direction and language

> > 1) What is the DocBook equivalent, if any, of the HTML attribute
> > DIR for specifying in which direction, i.e. left-to-right or
> > right-to-left, text should be rendered within the containing
> > element?
> I don't  know of one.  Wouldn't the direction be determined
> by the lang?

You are right. But according to my experience of writing the mixture
of LTR and RTL (mostly Hebrew) texts in HTML/XHTML, there are
cases where I have to specify the text direction explicitly by using the
span element and the dir attribute.

For example, if I write rtl_text + numbers without any mechanism
specifying the text direction, they aren't displayed in this logical
order but in the reverse physical order of numbers + rtl_text. This also
happens in DocBook documents.

Since I don't find any element and attribute in DocBook corresponding
to span and class respectively in HTML, I would also like to ask you
mavens if there is some way to have the same effect. Or am I missing

> > 2) What is the correct way to specify the language used within the
> > content of a certain element in DocBook *XML*: a) with the LANG
> > attribute (as in HTML), b) with the LANG and XML:LANG attributes
> > (as in XHTML 1.0), or c) with the XML:LANG attribute (as in XHTML
> > 1.1)?
> Either 'lang' or 'xml:lang' attribute would be correct
> (note they use lowercase letters).  The 'lang' attribute is
> declared in the DocBook DTD for just about every element.
> The 'xml:lang' attribute is outside the DocBook DTD, of
> course, but is defined in the xml namespace specifically
> for that purpose.  The DocBook XSL stylesheets support both.

Thank you very much.

Tsuguya Sasaki

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