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Subject: DOCBOOK: Docbook, whole authoring structure

I am aware this may not be the appropriate place to ask this question but I
need some experts so I will ``fire away" anyway.  If you do not wish to
do-not, or maybe politely inform me that this is not the correct place to
be asking and perhaps refer me on, or, do what you like in response to this
message; as I am sure you are going to anyway ;)

I am trying to get a DocBook authoring system up and going, I have spent
approximately 12 hours doing so.  I have read much documentation and have
some specific questions.  First I will outline what I understand so far...

DocBook is a DTD defined in SGML/XML.
DocBook uses StyleSheets in order to describe how it should look in final
Jade is a program used to do some of the conversions.

I have actually managed to write a test sgml file and covert it to rtf,
HTML, tex
ps and pdf which is great.  The problem is that I do not understand how
is being coordinated.  I need to know this for a documentation project I am
for my University.  The reason I am not fully aware how things are being
is because I installed the docproj port for FreeBSD which is a port which
everything required to contribute to the FreeBSD documentation project.  I
did not
install this for the reason specified on the metaphorical box - I installed
it for this
University project i'm doing.

Am I to understand that the DOCTYPE definition in the document header, ie

<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN">

Is used in conjunction with the catalog files in order to determine how to
check the document with an SGML parser of some sort?

With jade do I pass the stylesheet in as an argument using -d and does
this contain the information required to convert the DocBook document
to the other formats?

Does Jade require some kind of link to the Docbook DTD itself?

These seem to be present with the stylesheets?

If I type something like:

jade -d C:\docbook\dbsssl\print\docbook.dsl -t tex test.sgml > test.tex

it doesn't work, the same command works in unix and the error I get in
says it cannot generate system identifier to the DOCTYPE definition.

Basically I think I have overworked and confused myself as to what exactly
going on (which I didn't in the first place) so could someone help me.

Can someone give me an example of their setup and how they
produce their docbook files, and how they would go about
producing a tex file or whatever?

What programs are definately needed and what files are needed?

If you could place all the files into one directory, what would they be?

Would it be, for instance, the stylesheet the DTD and the document in
the directory and then use some tool to use these to create the
desired output.

Ok, this is getting far to long and I have not been very specific about
what information I need.  I will try and peruse the documentation for
the tools etc. again but if anyone can see where I might be falling down
I would greatly apprecheate the feedback.

Oh, and one more thing, I am out of town for the weekend so please
bear with me if it seems I am not responding to any replies, hopefully
I should be able to get to a computer however.



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