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Subject: DOCBOOK: declaration does not permit this

I've reached the maximum number of errors (200) and seeing that my docs are
not all showing up, I need to see why these errors are happening. Anyone
happen to know what might be the case w/ the one below? I'm hoping that
several errors after it will go away as maybe the parser is getting confused
by the first.

--- snip 
/usr/local/cmd/bin/openjade:chap1-intro.sgml:6:11:E: start tag for "TITLE"
omitted, but its declaration does not permit this
/usr/local/cmd/bin/openjade:chap1-intro.sgml:6:11:E: no start tag specified
for implied empty element "TITLE"

I didn't list the entire files as they were quite large, but enough to where
the errors appear.
The errors seem to come from this file ...

--- chap1-intro.sgml ---
<chapter id="intro">


Which is included as an entity into this one ...
--- myMain.sgml

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN" [
<!ENTITY chap1 SYSTEM "chap1-intro.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap3 SYSTEM "chap3-analysis.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap4 SYSTEM "chap4-design.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap5 SYSTEM "chap5-require.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap6 SYSTEM "chap6-install.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap7 SYSTEM "chap7-start.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap8 SYSTEM "chap8-config.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap22 SYSTEM "chap22-security.sgml">
<!ENTITY chap25 SYSTEM "chap25-fixes.sgml">
<!ENTITY appenA SYSTEM "appen-A.sgml">
<!ENTITY appenB SYSTEM "appen-B.sgml">
<!ENTITY appenC SYSTEM "appen-C.sgml">
<!ENTITY appenD SYSTEM "appen-D.sgml">

<book id="fred" lang="en">

<title>My Framework (Development Notes)</title>


<copyright><year>2001-2002</year><holder>blah, Inc.</holder></copyright>


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